Impossible Illusions Made Possible - Structures Illusions

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  • Impossible illusions are a type of optical illusions that cannot possibly exist. These figures seem plausible at first sight, but after viewing it for a few seconds the impossibility becomes apparent. even mind-bending features is through the use of optical illusions. In effect, However, with clever design it’s possible to create objects that look impossible when viewed from the correct angle. amazing optical illusion video

    impossible_structures (1)

    One the most common impossible figure is the Penrose Triangle. The Penrose Triangle also called the Penrose Tribar appears to be a solid object, made of three straight beams of square cross-section which meet pairwise at right angles at the vertices of the triangle they form.

    Now here is the impossible made possible.

    impossible_structures (12)

    The “Impossible Triangle” in Perth, Australia, was created by artist Brian McKay in collaboration with architect Ahmad Abas. But how did they do it? Let’s look at it from the other side.

    impossible_structures (11)

    impossible_structures (10)

    Another impossible triangle located in Ophoven, Belgium. This one was achieved differently.

    impossible_structures (5)

    An another one at Gotschuchen, South Austria.


    The Belvedere is another impossible structure

    impossible_structures (8)

    ….made possible.

    impossible_structures (2)

    Another look at it from a different angle.

    impossible_structures (3)

    M. C. Escher’s “Ascending and Descending” is another famous impossible building.

    impossible_structures (9)

    Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu constructed several “Ascending and Descending” structures using Lego.

    impossible_structures (7) impossible_structures (6)

    Cool, isn’t it?

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